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Our mission is to provide a meal prep service like no other. We want to deliver healthy, clean, and delicious meals in the most convenient and cost effective way possible. 

Life can become so busy that we tend to put our own health and wellness on the back burner. With Fit Meals you can maintain and reach those goals, eat clean, and best part, there is no hassle. 


Fit Meals isn't just another meal prep service. We want to help you be the healthiest that you can be. We offer customized meals and macros to give you even more bang for your buck. Derek and Torie both have a long history of maintaining health and wellness. 


Derek has a passion for fitness, nutrition, and helping others reach their goals. He has his M.S. in nutrition from Jacksonville State, is the owner and coach of Foundation Fitness, is a NASM certified personal trainer, and is the wellness director for Honda. 


Torie also has a love for wellness, wellbeing, and health. She has served 5 years in active duty Air Force and is currently a reservist, was the physical training leader for her squadron, and is studying physical education at Jacksonville State and personal training/ group fitness with NASM. ,

Fit Meals isn't just a meal prep service that is trying to turn a mindless profit. We want to help with whatever you need. You just want convenience? Got it. You want to count macros? Got it. You want to just eat healthier? Got 



Whatever your goal is, we got you. 


Please reach out for any questions and to preorder your Fit Meals! 

To place an order scan the QR code for access to our Facebook page
Call 256-572-8352

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